Genocide Review – The Last Girl

Do we really live in a modern world? Do we have governments elected by the people? Do we have trained armies protecting our borders? Are we truly free to follow any religion or God of our choice? What is the meaning of being civilised? If its not happening to me, do I care? Why can’t … Read more

Pulwama – Never Forget, Never Forgive

On Feb 14th, supposedly the day of love, cowards from Pakistan’s terrorist cells attacked a CRPF convoy and 44 soldiers were martyred … The tricolour wrapped coffins hold the lifeless body parts of our soldiers killed in hatred not war. Some of the coffins are empty because no parts could be found. This is the … Read more

The consequences of inequality

A truck blew up in Nice….a few days back, young men shot at and killed other young people in Bangladesh…. a few days before that 200 people were killed in Saudi Arabia. The interval between terror strikes seems to shrink everyday and no nation is spared. The developed, the developing and the under-developed countries are … Read more