Meeting Astronaut Rakesh Sharma

Some chance meetings are so special …. today happens to be the 36th anniversary of (then) Sqn Ldr Rakesh Sharma becoming the first and so far the only Indian to have journeyed to space. After the space odyssey he came back and went around meeting students, to motivate and inspire them. As part of that … Read more Meeting Astronaut Rakesh Sharma

Sam Bahadur – live a 100 more !

My first memory of seeing Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw is on television during an interview and how his elder daughter got named Sherry and his grand- daughter got named Brandy… There was something arresting about the man. You didn’t have to understand a word of what he said, but you knew, you were looking at … Read more Sam Bahadur – live a 100 more !

A true hero leaves

Many people wished that he lived on, but he got just 95 years on his ticket… Nelson Mandela, bids farewell today in a free South Africa. Am not sure if he could close the divide much, but the Apartheid regime is gone and hey, others can carry on his work. A special memory for Krishnan … Read more A true hero leaves