Cotton Beauties

Brown Beauty #1 of 3 Beauties

This is a beautiful brown cotton saree that I bought from Cooptex in 2016. I love the Pallu of this saree … the golden coloured flowers inside the teal coloured geometrical motifs. I wore this first at Munnar when we were on our ShikshaDaan Yatra. Read about it – Kattam, Plain, Elephants, Flowers – blue beauties.

Brown cotton Saree

1000 Butta #2 of 3 Beauties

A very special cotton saree of mine is the 1000 butta pink and ferozi blue one that I picked up at Chinnalampatti. Again bought this in 2016. Cooptex has the most exquisite 1000 butta sarees in silk cotton. This was an experimental saree made at that time and I just happened to be at the weaving cluster at the right time.

I haven’t seen this colour combination again.

1000 butta cotton beauties

The Assam Cotton #3 of 3

I bought this saree in Feb 2018 when we were in Guwahati for the WEF (Women Economic Forum). I was a speaker at the event and we also met with a few amazing NGOs to build ShikshaDaan’s network. How could I be in Guwahati and not buy sarees :).

Assam Cotton Beauties

I absolutely love this colour and the saree is a delight to wear as it is pure cotton. The Pallu has this intricate home and duck motif (its a guess, I don’t know for sure). I got Amma a similar cotton saree but in Mauve and green. She likes it a lot and wears it often.

Motif Saree
This is the motif running across the body of the saree

I am just realising that I don’t know a lot about the motifs used in sarees. I recognise a lot of motifs in the Southern cottons and Kanchi Silks, but can’t understand some of them in sarees woven in other regions. A good opportunity to learn about the culture of each place because the motifs represent everyday life !

Ditch the synthetic stuff, buy pure cotton handwoven sarees, dress materials, dhotis and shirts. Ensure our amazing weavers continue weaving their magic. The cotton fabric is the only thing that keeps you cool during this sweltering heat.

#ILoveHandloom #WearableArt

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