Bought Yesterday, Worn Today !

We were in Chanderi yesterday and visited Pranpur village, the saree weaving hub there. Mr. Venkatesh Narasimhan had shared the contact of master weaver LalaRam Koli and we went to his house-cum-showroom. The entire village is into weaving !! Will write a detailed blog on Chanderi sarees and the visit, but this blog is about the saree that I bought yesterday and wore today.

Chanderi Silk Cotton

As with the Chanderi sarees, this one too is gossamer thin, glossy and a lovely drape. It’s a handwoven beauty in a pale teal colour. When LalaRam was showing us the sarees, he asked if I would like to see a printed one. I refused thinking it was machine printed. After nearly seeing his entire collection, I asked him to show me the printed one just to see.

Out came this beauty and Krishnan immediately said I should definitely buy this one. As with all my sarees, I never second guess Krishnan :):). He instinctively knows what looks good on me.

Chanderi Yesterday
Master Weaver LalaRam Koli with his collection of handwoven beauties
Chanderi Yesterday
The first look with a selfie in the mirror !

Chanderi sarees are woven with silk and cotton threads and they are lustrous. I have worn a few of them before not knowing about their speciality. The blouse is not an exact match, because we are travelling and the dark maroon that will go with this is packed into another suitcase.

A small shoutout to FabIndia as they have nearly 400+ weavers in Chanderi weaving the sarees that they sell through their showrooms. LalaRam assured us that their payments are prompt and they do support the weavers in a big way. FabIndia had been in the news for all the wrong reasons, so I felt it was important to mention this.

What a thrill to wear a new saree right after buying it !

As in every blog about sarees, I would urge you to support our handloom weavers. A handwoven saree or dress material is wearable art. Please buy genuine handloom and help keep this art alive.

#ILoveHandloom #IWearHandloom

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