Krishnan’s Shastiabdapoorthi

On Oct 25, 2021, a year back, we celebrated Krishnan’s Shastiabdapoorthi in Chennai. We chose Chennai as the location because most of our aunts, uncles and several friends live nearby and this is one occasion where the blessings of our elders is very important !

The invite was printed in Tamil and it was an invite from my brother-in-law Narasimhan to attend his elder brother’s 60th birthday celebrations.


Prep for the Shashtiabdapoorthi

The biggest prep was ofcourse buying sarees !! As our family elder and a very close friend of my father-in-law Babu Mama commented, the best way to celebrate the husband turning 60 is to buy sarees for oneself. For a saree addict, nothing can be more fun.

In the process of finding a good Kanchi silk saree weaver, I stumbled upon Shefali Vaidya’s post about Gopinath. The rest as they say is history. I have virtually adopted Gopinath πŸ˜ƒ (A Son’s Gift !).

For the Shasitabdapoorthi, I got myself a beautiful blue 9 yards “koora” podavai. I wanted Amma to wear the similar colour saree so got a 6 yards for her and for three of my closest friends – Geetu, Siru and Vidya. Vidya came over, but Geetu missed it courtesy the Indian Railways who changed her train’s route πŸ™ at the last minute. Siru couldn’t come but I knew beforehand she might miss it.

For gifts I bought Udupi handwoven sarees (60 count cotton) from Kadike Trust that is reviving these very beautiful sarees. Read – Udupi Saree Revival Program – Kadike Trust. These were a super hit with all my cousins and aunts. They are super comfortable to wear and last really long.

For Veshtis, Bala gave me a fantastic contact in Salem. Sriram’s veshtis for the men were again a super hit and much liked by everyone who received them. If you are looking to buy veshtis for any celebrations do call Sriram @9965316142.

The Tamboolam bags were cloth bags with long straps from our dear friend Junior Krishnan’s The Yellow Bag. These bags were our way of helping more people go green and stay away from the one time use plastic bags.

Videos, Live streaming and photography was done by Sriram’s friend Satish who runs this outfit called “Sigi”. For any of your photo shoot requirements do contact him @9940080655.

Link to the Live Streaming of Krishnan’s Shastiabdapoorthi –

Some Much Loved Surprises

Rajesh had told us that he had a meeting in Trivandrum and he cannot come at all. He kept checking with me about the timings and the sequence of events. I was walking around the Mookambigai hall checking on the arrangements for breakfast and on one such sorties, I see Rajesh walking in in a crisp dhoti with a angavastram ! More than Krishnan and me, Amma was truly thrilled.

She introduced Rajesh to all our family members as her son ❀️ which is what he is.

The other super surprise was Hareesh who walked in with Rajesh although they didn’t know each other till that time ! All the way from US of A. Just that morning, he and Swapna told me over Whatsapp that they will try and watch the live streaming otherwise they will certainly view it during their day. Apparently it was a very well planned surprise and so glad that he could attend. Hareesh has been a part of every milestone in our life and having him for this milestone too was very special and emotional.

The function was truly made special by all those who attended… will write a separate blogpost with all the pictures.

Do watch the highlights of the Shastiabdapoorthi on our You Tube channel @90rollsroyces and please do subscribe to it as we hope to post many other videos through this channel.

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