Flowery farewell to Satya Paul

Designer Satya Paul passed away on Jan 7, 2021. Knowing about my love for his sarees, Geetu had immediately posted the news on our school WhatsApp group. I was about to write a blog the same day, then thought I will wear a few of his sarees and then post. Today while searching for a photograph, I found this beautiful picture of flowers somewhere in Kalpa. We were in Kalpa, end of April 2015.

Flowers - Kalpa

This picture was such a mood lifter !!! These flowers are bright and just make you feel good about life. Then during our morning walk, I captured red Bougainvillea flowers that looked just stunning.

Flowers - Bougainvillea

The above picture looks like a painting ! I may just get it printed and framed.

All these flowers reminded me about the very first Satya Paul saree that I bought. It had a hand painted flower in the pallu. I wore it on Saturday (Feb 27) and took a couple of pictures.

Satya Paul Saree
Satya Paul Saree

I have worn this saree several times. Had bought this and a blue one from their factory seconds store on M G Road way back in 2005. I just realised that I don’t have a single picture of me in the blue saree that’s like an abstract painting.

Over the years I have bought several other Satya Paul sarees, but always on a sale. I love the crepes and chiffons without any bling. I just don’t like any bling and garish embroidery on the saree.

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Fashion designer Satya Paul passes away – So happy to realise that he was an Osho Sannyasin and stayed at Sadhguru’s Isha Centre in Coimbatore.

Thanks Mr. Satya Paul for making the Saree a fashion in your own way. Farewell. Om Shanthi, Om Shanthi, Om Shanthi.

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