Three Cool Cotton Sarees !

In the last three days I have been wearing three of my all time favourite cotton weaves – a Bhujodi, an Ilkal and a Telia Rumaal. What an amazing weaving legacy India has ! Every region, every part of the country has a weave that’s special. Its sad that we lost touch with our handwoven sarees, dhotis etc because they are both safe for the planet and there is full economic cycle attached to them.

Organic cotton is not just non-allergic but because its a natural fibre, it absorbs sweat and allows air to pass through, thereby keeping you cool. Actually the handwoven silk saree can also be worn without any problem in summers so long as its pure silk. These fashionable “moisture” wicking fabrics are no match to the cool cotton fabric.

Did you know that cotton seeds and the cotton plant are nutritious fodder for cattle ? So farmers growing organic non-GMO cotton could sell not just the cotton buds but they got free cattle feed. The GMO cotton kills the cows or buffaloes 😡. The fashion industry has killed cotton as the fabric of choice because they turned it into denim which takes massive quantities of water …. then they turn around and say cotton causes environmental damage. Its like promoting coca cola as a “cool, hep” drink and then saying sugar is bad for health or making a small change to the threshold levels of sugar and making money off diabetes drugs.

Cotton Bhujodi

I got this saree from Kalpavastram in 2017 and wore it for my birthday that year Two firsts and a renewed “Handloom” love.

Cotton Bhujodi Saree

Do get in touch with Lakshmi at Kalpavastram if you want to buy Bhujodis – she has the most awesome collection !

An Ilkal Saree

I bought this Ilkal from IthyAdee. This was amongst my earliest “handloom” purchases in 2016. This saree is almost 8 yards instead of 6 yards :). Do read my earlier post – My first “Ilkal”.

Ilkal Saree -Cotton

Contact Devika at IthyAdee for buying a genuine Ilkal. She has a fantastic collection of these beauties.

Telia Rumal Motif

I kept searching for an authentic Telia Rumal saree when I discovered what it was in 2016 and finally found it on Gaatha in 2017. I still need to get one made by Gajam Anjaiah Garu or Edem Srinath Garu but till I get that, this one keeps me happy. The “Telia Rumal” ….

Telia Rumal Cotton

I was talking to Geetu the other day and told her that I wear a saree everyday even during the lockdown. Its one of those “Palmolive da jawaab nahin” type of moment for me every morning. As I drape the saree, I feel good. “Saree da jawaab nahin” :).

Do wear handlooms and keep our weavers busy and in business. Thats a huge contribution to India’s economy and you get an artwork in return that will bring joy for many many years.

Note : These sarees have been washed several times at home and they still look this way !

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  1. Madam, You have referred here cotton series. Very beautiful and sophisticated. Here in West Bengal, Shantipuri and Dhonekhali cotton sari Is very beautiful. Besides, Murshidabad silk, garod and Bishnupuri silk is very famous.


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