Dakhai Jamdani

In 2004, Krishnan went to Bangladesh for work and bought me a couple of Dakhai Jamdani sarees. I didn’t have a single one before these two. The black saree was inaugurated during our anniversary that year. I have spent hours today trying to find the one picture that we have from our trip to Egypt where am wearing this saree, but couldn’t find it.

The following picture of me in the black Jamdani, is from 2005 from a Managers Meet.

Dakhai Jamdani

Hopefully I will find the Egypt picture where the saree is visible clearly :).

The second saree that Krishnan bought for me on that trip was a sky blue coloured one. Thankfully I have a better picture of it, taken at home.

Dakhai Jamdani - blue

This is probably a picture from 2009.

The Pink One

This is the third Jamdani that I have and its a gift from Shalini. The blue and black sarees are no longer with me as I gave them away in 2015. This is still with me and I wore it yesterday. It triggered this blogpost ! I have a white and silver one that was gifted to me by Vidya. Am yet to inaugurate it.

Jamdani - Pink

About Dhakai Jamdani

The Dhakai Jamdani gets its name from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh where its a speciality weave. Jamdani is a weaving technique that produces exquisite sheer fabric thats also called Muslin. The pattern is not sketched or outlined on the fabric, but is drawn on a graph paper and placed underneath the warp. The technique is ancient almost tracing its history back to 2000 years. The Mughals particularly favoured this Muslin weave.

The sarees are woven using cotton threads and the motifs are usually golden or silver threads. The technique makes the motifs appear as though they are floating on the surface.

Love(d) wearing these beauties and hope to add to my collection of exquisite Jamdanis.

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