The Birthday Sarees – A Dhaniakhali and a Chanderi

Note : I said sarees :):). My idea of a good birthday is when I get to wear at least two new sarees and I did it this time. For a saree addict what else can bring happiness than a handwoven beauty ?

On April 6th, my birthday, I wore a Dhaniakhali saree in the morning and then for the evening I changed into a beautiful Chanderi.

Dhaniakhali Saree

These sarees are named after a place called Dhaniakhali near Kolkata. This is a cotton saree and drapes like a dream. I got it from Kalpavastram. Do visit their website for an amazing collection of handwoven sarees from all over India. I saw this saree during our long trip in Nov. Lakshmi kept it with her till we got back home and then couriered it to me.

Dhaniakhali sarees

I didn’t take out any matching beads as we didn’t step out of the house !! It’s such a classic combination of grey and red. Loved it the minute I looked at it.

Chanderi Saree

I had written about visiting Chanderi and the weaving village – Pranpur Village, Chanderi. I bought a few sarees from Lala Ram Koli and this is one of them. I love the natural golden coloured sarees and this one is no exception. Krishnan in fact insisted that I should get this one instead of another golden coloured saree that Lala Ram Koli showed us.

Am glad I picked this one up. It’s grand and at the same time it’s not garish … very soothing. This is a silk-cotton saree like all Chanderis. Airy and very light, just perfect for the summer months ahead.

Chanderi Sarees

I did wear this and go for Rajesh’s ice cream treat in the evening. But I still didn’t take out any of my matching beads ! I have to make it a point going forward to wear my favourite Desh Maheshwari pieces.

As with all the birthdays since 2016, I received the honourable Prime Minister’s wishes.

Sarees - PM birthday card

I hope to go into Vipassana sometime so this was quite a coincidence.

The phone kept ringing with birthday wishes and Whatsapp was filled with messages too. Amma made my favourite Sooji ka Halwa and we ordered food from Kachori Kaka. Another great birthday celebration. Thanks to everyone for your warm wishes… made my special day even more special.

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