Sangeet Sari..

Geetu and I have been friends forever … 36 years and on April 2nd, Harish and her daughter Gayatri got married to Jay. The way I like to say it – Geetu is the nicer, proper, sweeter version and I am the rebel element. Its such a special feeling to have known someone in pigtails, stealing from each other’s tiffin boxes, share secrets about “crushes” and then be present as our child gets married. 🙂 Gayatri is my daughter in many ways – a fellow Arian and has enough spunk for both me and Geetu, and loves to wear saris. I did scare Jay by telling him that I am the difficult Mom-in-law.. I am now figuring ways of being that. My way of having fun.

I had picked out the saris for the Sangeet and the wedding before reaching Pune on the 31st. On 1st morning, we had some time and decided to go and stock up on my Khunn blouse pieces and sari cupid struck. We bought this beautiful cream coloured silk with a pink and black border on two ends !! Actually am not responsible for this purchase, its Krishnan. He just loved the sari and insisted I should wear it for the Sangeet. Thats just what I did. I had got a few blouses made for the wedding and this pretty black+multicolor embroidered blouse was just perfect.

The neckpiece is from a flea shop in Cappadocia, Turkey. I love the multicolour beads.


Just look at the grace of Geetu !! She looks so lovely.


Geetu and Harish, Krishnan and I… what fun and its such a blessing that Geetu and I are married to truly amazing men.

All our Kendriya Vidyalaya Happy Valley friends sent their messages on our Whatsapp group and they were duly communicated. You never make these kind of friends again in life because how can you steal from a classmate’s tiffin box while the teacher is teaching ? That happens only in school.

Tomorrow, will post the wedding saris.


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