Mahathugbandhan 2024

Just before the 2019 general elections I had written about the Mahakhotbandhan Bin Maya… when Mayawati walked out of the grand alliance. This time it’s truly a Mahathugbandhan, all the thugs have got together and are hoping to defeat Modiji. It ain’t happening !

I received the Hindi version of this 👇 over Whatsapp a couple of days after the Mahathugbandhan met. The English translation is added by me for the benefit of the readers who can’t read Hindi.


How apt is this ! The entire opposition is trying to cobble together a “united” front when none of them individually is a performer or even a successful professional/technocrat :(. Their agenda is also a single line – “remove Modi”.

Modiji has delivered such mega projects for the betterment of India in these 9 years that even if all these jokers use up their remaining lifetime and work together, they will still fall short.

Am all for a strong opposition, but is there anyone who is not an entitled dynast and has some intention to build upon the good work done by Modiji’s government ? When you oppose a person or an ideology, you need to deliver something better or at least be capable of promising that you will deliver.

These “netas” must understand that leadership is a gift and an opportunity to serve the people who elected you. People in different states have given some of these people the opportunity to serve… and what have they done with that ? Lets just see one example – thugpurush no.1.


This thugpurush was an Aam Aadmi (common man) who proclaimed that he will fight against corruption is sitting with the Mahathugbandhan …. and to his credit, his deputy chief minister is in jail on corruption charges and the Supreme Court is refusing to give bail. Two more of his ministers are in jail and this man builds a MASSIVE palace, as his home using taxpayers money 😳. He has figured out the magic word “FREE”, so he goes on promising free electricity and free bus travel etc to get the votes.

Mahathugs – Arriving in Style

The Mahathugbandhan meeting was in Patna. Except for Lalu Yadav’s son and Nitish Babu everyone else flew in…. in private or corporate jets. Lest any of the real Mango people like us get to know of it, the news channels never reported on this.

Read this tweet thread by @NaveenQaQa – Jetsetting Opposition leaders.

I have borrowed this picture from @NaveenQaQa’s thread –


Who is paying for all these corporate or private jets ? Hope it’s not money stolen from the taxpayers, but it most probably is. All these guys are poor farmers and poorest of the poor with just billions of dollars in their bank accounts and under their beds.

Just watch the opposition folks walking into the Mahathugbandhan meeting …. not one of them makes eye contact nor their walk makes you feel like listening to them. Their entire body language screams corruption. It’s terribly sad to see this state of affairs. Some of them are out on bail, and nearly all of them have some corruption case or the other against them.

Mahathugbandhan Conclave

Stalin looks lost and left the meeting in a huff because no one nominated him as the PM candidate. Is he really hoping to be the PM someday ? Does he have no self awareness at all ?

Kejriwal came back from the meeting and refused to endorse Pappu as the PM candidate… Everyone of them wants to be the PM. Yes, anyone can aspire to be the PM, but there is work to do before getting there !!!!! 🤬.

The following meme sums up the Mahathugbandhan. Each one is out to get the other and no one is thinking of India.


Watch out for the antics to get uglier as the general elections get closer and yes vote wisely for India.


#AayegaTohModiHee #ModiHaiTohMumkinHai #BaarBaarModiSarkar

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  1. Alibaba America ko MODIfy kar raha hai, but these chalis chor Patna me thugbandhan kar rahen hai.


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