India Vs Pakistan – Asia Cup

India Vs Pakistan T20

Should India play against Pakistan at all ? My answer is a “No” but then I don’t decide on these matters… glad we at least won the match.

The true “Virat” cup – 1983 Cricket World Cup

Just like you can ask any American who lived through President Kennedy’s assassination and they would recollect the exact moment when they heard the news, what they were doing and what they felt, you can ask any Indian who lived through the 1983 world cup and they would tell you about the two moments … … Read more

Missing Rahul …

…. Dravid not Gandhi. I stay away from watching Cricket nowadays because it irritates me to watch talented young players playing without application. I know every cricketing pundit will come out and lynch me with their technical analysis, but am speaking as an observer and a student of human behaviour. Take the last match at … Read more

Muted TV helped India win today :):)

Even the most educated amongst us was trying some “lucky charm” or prayers or superstitious act today to make sure India wins the match against Pakistan at Adelaide. The fact that nearly 10000 people travelled to watch the match is something !! Many friends were watching the match together virtually, through Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and … Read more

The non-retiring legend

He was the first sportsman to be awarded the “Khel Ratna” award, he became a international player of repute by the time he was twenty and was awarded the Padma Shri when he was just eighteen. He is considered one of the legends of the game and is acknowledged as such by his fiercest competitors. … Read more