Hamas, the Victim ? Israel, the Aggressor ?

On Oct 7th as many of us around the world were enjoying a Saturday evening/morning, 5000 rockets rained on innocent civilians in Israel. It happened to be the day of Sabbath or the day when God rested. Maybe that’s why the devils chose that day to unleash their murderous attack.

1008 dead, still counting… over 3000 injured, still counting. Some Nepalis, some Germans, some Indians, a few Russians amongst the dead. Several children taken as hostages. Women raped. A little girl of 5, raped. A little boy beheaded.

No, it’s not the medieval barbarians revisiting Earth, this is happening right now in the 21st century and the devils have a name – Hamas.

What is Hamas ?

Hamas is the new name for the Islamic Resistance Movement. It emerged out of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1987. It believes that Israel’s existence is “illegal”. Read more – Hamas. Basically a terrorist organization is taking on a sovereign country as other sovereign countries stand around and twiddle their thumbs in an organization called United Nations.

Israel, the Aggressor ?

Do read this short X post by @RapperPandit – Simplyfying Palestine-Israel Conflict. Posting it here –

Israel Palestine conflict

Simplifying Palestine-ISRAEL Conflict
Read slowly till end.

•Hindus were original inhabitants of Kashmir which was 100% Hindu till 1300AD, but thru massacres till 1990 by Radical Terrorists last Hindu lot was driven out

•Suppose after a 100 years, Kashmiri Hindus return to Kashmir, and peacefully repurchase the Lands and settle there. 

Kashmiri Hindus= Jews
Radical Terrorists= Palestinians 

“Now who is the Oppressed and Who is the Oppressor”

•From Atleast 2000BC Till 63BC Israel was a flourishing “Kingdom of ISRAEL”under Jews. It was their Promised land under Bible as well. Jews were the Original Inhabitants. 

•The Roman Empire were Anti Jews, and divided Kingdom into Syria & Palestina which was followed by various tortures under subsequent Islamíc rules. 

•The Jewish Tribes were very rich and Influential across the Arab Peninsula.. like the Tribes of Banu Nadir, the Banu Qainuqa, and the Banu Qurayza. They were but peace loving also. The were ransacked from Medina and became prime targets in Islāmic rule.

•Jews fled to Europe /Russia to save their Lives… However the Flame to Return to their Homeland kept Burning 

•The Erstwhile empire was under the Ottoman Empire.. After disintegration of Ottoman Empire Jews started moving to Palestine and purchasing unoccupied wasteLands in erstwhile Israel (now Palestine).

•Although these lands were unoccupied, barren & junk . Jews due to their hard work and intelligent techniques turned these unoccupied waste lands to Rich Fertile Lands… even Arabs starting copying the techniques to grow food etc.

•During World War, Persecuted in Europe by Nazis many Jews fled to America and to earstwhile Israel (Palestine)

•Influential Jews Mobilized support thruout the world from Russia , USA, European Nations for Creation of Israel, which was under the British Control till Then. British were more appeasing to Muslms and their were battles between Jews & British as well. 

•Finally on 14May 1948 Jewish State of Israel was formally created.. immediately it was attacked by Egypt, Syria, Trans Jordan , Lebanon and many other Arab countries in background. 

•That time due to funds from Jews All around the world they had already purchased weapons and  aircrafts from the spoils of WW-II and could defend themselves

1948: Vs Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq
1967: Vs Egypt, Syria, Jordan
1973: Vs Egypt, Syria, & other Hostile Arabs . They secretly  launched a surprise attack on the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur, during the 10th day of Ramadan
                  After 50 Years 
2023: War Vs Iran, Qatar, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon

•Jews are progressive and developed infrastructure of the Area even in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, but they get only hate and persecution in Return…

•Now who is the Oppressor & Who is the Oppressed ?

See the maps attached to @RapperPandit’s post above –

Israel and Palestine

If the above information is not convincing enough, do listen to this 2015 Oxford Union debate about Israel and Palestine.

If the twitter thread and the video cannot convince you, don’t waste any more time, just shift to Pakistan or to the Gaza Strip while it still exists. Am hoping the IDF wipes it clean, so human beings can start living there again.

Hamas, the Victim …

Hindus and Jews need to learn from the Islamic terrorists – as soon as one Israeli air raid happens, the victim card gets flashed all over the world ! Everyone is expected to forget that Hamas, the terrorist organization killed 1008+ innocent civilians just four days back.

Israel and Palestine

They really don’t waste any time !!

Dhimmi Hindus – wake up and smell the coffee/tea/rum/jeera water/CONfamily fart…. the Kingdom of Israel predates Christianity and Islam by 2000 years and the Jews haven’t tried to convert anyone to their way of life. Today they struggle to live peacefully on a tiny strip of land surrounded by enemies. Bharat, our motherland is similarly surrounded and invaded by enemies.

All those who think it’s fashionable to support Palestine and the Hamas terrorists, should be sent to Israel so they can help bury the dead. Maybe it will knock some sense into them.


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  1. As மோடி says terrorism should be dealt very severely.
    Religion or country is nothing to do with that.
    Whoever encourages also should be banned for ever.


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