Tanishq, Eros Now – the ugly face of Indian secularism


The Tanishq advert and the Eros Now Navaratri posts bring out the ugly face of Indian secularism where Hindu sentiment is denigrated..

Men will be Men ! Really ?

There are many adverts of Seagrams Imperial blue “Music CDs” that are funny and nice. Here’s the latest one that is currently being aired – Imperial Blue – Shoe Lace. Lovely, isn’t it ? Go on, give it a thumbs up and in your mind just replace the two men with your wife and her friend. … Read more

What you promise 

The Airtel 4g advert has been successful, because it has helped Airtel gain NEW customers in big numbers. So the advertising agency has successfully delivered the results it promised to Airtel. Has Airtel in turn delivered to its customers ?? The answer is a resounding NO. The Airtel 3G services don’t work in a city … Read more