Its All in The Mind

One of our favourite authors is Napoleon Hill. Most of you would have heard of his book “Think and Grow Rich”. In the same book, there is the following quote about the power of the mind.

This quote clearly spells out the power of one’s mind. Unfortunately most of us, simply fritter away this power by allowing the mind to focus on mundane, useless stuff.

I was reminded of this quote and another favourite one “What the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” today in the morning. We were flipping channels while having tea and stopped at BBC, which was airing this program titled “The Incredible Mr. Goodwin”. He was indeed incredible ! Watch the following video –

Mr. Goodwin flipping over a car, all by himself

Incredible ? The power of the mind is incredible. Mr. Goodwin couldn’t flip over the car in the first attempt. Then he visualises his child being stuck underneath and just that image is such a powerful motivation that he flips over the car. It took 5 men to just lift the car a little earlier.

Women are generally considered the weaker sex. Nature has indeed made men physically more powerful, but women can also be physically strong if they apply the power of the mind.

Watch the Naga women soldiers pushing a SUV out of a drain !

What do you intend to do with the power of your mind ? Its important that all of us make use of this unlimited power within us and create a life of our choice and design. Go ahead, Just use it !!

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