Finally, all four executed !

  Today is a good day … the four rapists of Nirbhaya have finally been hanged. While I would have preferred public castration followed by stoning to death, hanging them atleast brings closure to Asha Devi and her family. I woke up by 5 and started tracking the TOI app for updates because I knew that … Read more Finally, all four executed !

Justice “hangs”, not Nirbhaya rapists

I read the news item just a few hours back. All of us at home are struggling with varying degrees of cold and cough and taking turns at steam inhalation. For the past few months, we have stopped watching any news channel. We feel they all waste time and don’t share news but opinions and … Read more Justice “hangs”, not Nirbhaya rapists

Yet another one …. and another … and another…

She got raped, killed, allegedly raped again and then burnt … but a minister says, she should have called the police instead of her sister as she was educated ! The people of Hyderabad tried to get hold of the perpetrators as they were “safely” taken by the police to judicial custody. Some trial will … Read more Yet another one …. and another … and another…

The Juvenile devil

Just a week back the Supreme court upheld the “death penalty” for four of the rapists in the Nirbhaya case. While there will always be arguments about the “death penalty” as a means of punishment, there is really no strong enough deterrent that stops human beings from behaving as devils. Till we find a solution … Read more The Juvenile devil