The Predators Who Got Away !

Predators - Sexual

Mulakkal, Pachauri, Bryant and an ex-POTUS ….. all predators who got away scot free after ruining young lives. This blog is to remember them for what they are/were.

Why not #MeToo

I stayed away from blogging about the #MeToo movement that started in the US last October with sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein, not because it didn’t resonate but because I felt it wouldn’t change anything in Hollywood.. some big names crashed from the pedestal but many others continue living their life like before. There … Read more

Executive VICE Chair-man indeed !!

I am unable to reconcile to this news item – Executive Vice Chairman. A brave Indian army soldier has just been found miraculously alive after 6 days of being buried in 25ft snow at Siachen. Its great news and prayers for his full recovery. After he recovers if Hanumanthappa were to read this news what would … Read more

Sexual harassment – the many who escape …. Pachauri ?

Just a month back I had written a blog on sexual harassment – Sexual harassment – the many who escape !. I also posted it on Linkedin Pulse and I had one gentleman trying to convince me that women have to be “dressed” conservatively, that it’s confusing to men if going out to coffee is … Read more