Breaking News – Rs. 10,000 Crore Industry is born

Breaking news –

Like me, did you know that in the last two months, during the lockdown period a Rs. 10,000 Crore industry was born ?

I received the following video on WhatsApp and what it says is true ! Bad news is all that the media houses focus on because thats what attracts attention. Good news is just “meh”. Also political leanings of different media houses makes it difficult for them to share good news. Watch this video –

Much of what the above video says was also said by Mahesh Vikram Hegde on Twitter a few days back –

Breaking News

Ofcourse you should never thank Modiji, he never stood in line and made those PPE kits nor the 1000 dedicated Covid hospitals unlike Mr. Nehru who grew every grain of rice by his own hand :):).

Whatever be your political leanings, this breaking news will make you happy if you truly love India. We have everything going for us, except the “slave” mindset that we refuse to let go of. Our villages and smaller towns are still vibrant and the youth there are resilient, capable and creative. A small town boy from Punjab went on to become a Michelin star Chef celebrated world over and has managed to feed 13 million people in India sitting in Manhattan. An entitled dimwit on the other hand, is forever being launched by Mommy as a “leader”.

This is India’s hour, take charge. We have a great Prime Minister who has a single agenda, to raise India’s stature in the world thereby ensuring we no longer drag our feet in the “developing” world.

Get Set Go ! Happy “breaking news” to start your day.

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