On an airplane – after 21 months !

What an amazing feeling !! Just to enter an airport after 21 months gave all of us a huge high. The only thing we missed due to the Wuhan Virus was travelling. For Krishnan and I, travel is our first priority in life and to miss doing something that we love to was difficult. But in the overall context that was a small price to pay and stay safe.

The last time we got onto an airplane was in Jan 2020, when we went to visit Padmanabhaswamy temple for Lakshadeepam. Lakshadeepam – A Fauji to the rescue !

Excess Baggage

Thankfully we managed to avoid weight gain during the lockdown. In order to compensate for that, our luggage was a few kilos more. Not just that, one of the suitcases got caught on the conveyor belt and cracked at the seam 😁. All the plastic that I have avoided over a year was used up in shrink wrapping that suitcase.

Wasn’t upset about the excess baggage but was certainly not happy that the suitcase had to be shrink wrapped. Will work extra hard to avoid single use plastic to make up for this carbon footprint.

Long Walk to Freedom

Our gate number was 60, so everyone familiar with the T3 airport will know that its a good long walk….again, a small price to pay for the freedom to travel. Lots of people have started to travel again which is good news all around.

I had to explain how a coffee percolator works to the baggage checking CRPF personnel. He was very amused.

As prep for the travel we got our RTPCR tests done on Saturday. Nobody asked us for it, but its always good to keep it ready. The restriction on leaving the middle seat open has been lifted, and flights are nearly full. There is a positive fallout of the social distancing norms that we all have been following – people are automatically staying a little away.

Months cloud view
What a pleasure to fly above the clouds 🙂

Krishnan and I enjoyed the in-flight snack, just because we were eating it after months. Amma chose to eat dosas that she had made instead :). We flew Air Vistara and the plane was clean, service was great and the air hostesses were wearing the PPE Kits. Every precaution was being taken and we totally appreciated that.

Hoping the worst is behind us and all of us can continue to travel like before.

#GetVaccinated #SanitizeMaskUpSocialDistance

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