Lockdown Innovations #1

There was this tweet recently from Anand Mahindra about an auto rickshaw which has been divided into four compartments so that no two passengers sit close to each other and everyone is able to maintain social distancing.

Here is the link to the video – https://twitter.com/anandmahindra/status/1253621833850593281?s=20.

I have always felt that we Indians handle crises very well … we are a total chaos when things are going well, but hand us a crisis and we will pull out all the stops.

For us, “jugaad innovation” is a way of life – we innovate from the minute we are born … an old sari becomes the “jhoola” and we learn to sleep happily amidst all the noise :). Then school is an adventure, the bus ride is an adventure, why, sometimes just going to the corner store is an adventure because you need to dodge that huge pit in the middle of the road and at the same time not be hit by some vehicle coming from “any” direction. So if shops run out of masks, we make our own; if we don’t get vegetables, we will eat dal; if we don’t get dal, we will eat rice with salt and some pickle; if we don’t get buses, we will walk or take a lift from someone; if we have used the saree too many times, we will turn it into a bedsheet/pillow cover/bag or a kurti; if the lockdown is announced, however difficult it is, we will clean the house and manage without the gardener, cook, istriwallah, dhobi, driver, car cleaner, etc etc… life goes on.

Hope we are able to beat this virus too with the same spirit of taking life’s knocks on our chin and moving on.

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