All Lives Matter !!

Kerala Elephant

My thoughts on George Floyd’s death and the Kerala elephant’s death… All Lives Matter. 🙁

The curveball you couldnt dodge :(

Dearest Anubha …. your eyes in this life won’t read this but I know this will reach you and you will read it. When your mother Nishi posted in our group on Sunday that you were admitted in the hospital, Krishnan and my heart sank. We knew what you were going through and hospitalization was … Read more The curveball you couldnt dodge 🙁

Diwali Reflections…. Happy & Sad

For us South Indians, Deepavali was yesterday. Since we live in the north, we celebrate on both the days – yesterday and today. Some of the traditions that we follow for Diwali celebrations are – applying sesame oil heated with peppercorns, on our heads early in the morning and taking bath; eating “Deepavali marundu” a … Read more Diwali Reflections…. Happy & Sad

Germany Day 14 – The saddest day … and an amazing coincidence

Friday Sept 14, 2018 – Munich, Dachau We visited the Dachau concentration camp Memorial site on the 14th of Sept. We took the U-bahn to Hauptbahnhof and from there the S2 to Dachau station. From there bus no. 726 took us to the memorial site. The first thing that shocked us was how massive the … Read more Germany Day 14 – The saddest day … and an amazing coincidence

Germany Day 3 – Wunderland and Sad Land

Monday Sept 3, 2018 – Hamburg Can you imagine visiting the Swiss Alps and the Grand Canyon on the same day while landing at a German airport in an Emirates plane ? You can’t, right ? We also couldn’t imagine that it was possible, but we did it yesterday in Hamburg!! We had booked our … Read more Germany Day 3 – Wunderland and Sad Land

Karti – temporarily carted away

I waited till the Delhi Patiala House court judge pronounced his order on Karti Chidambaram.. I don’t usually pray but I was praying that the slimy Abhishek Manu Singhvi didn’t manage to set him free. Karti Chidambaram and his father P. Chidambaram are the icons of CONgress power and they use that power liberally to … Read more Karti – temporarily carted away