“Neutron” Jack – No More

I read the news item about Jack Welch’s passing away last night, just three minutes after it got posted on Times of India news app… I felt sad even though I had never met the man and I had nothing to do with GE. I had never met the man, but I knew all about … Read more “Neutron” Jack – No More


The curveball you couldnt dodge :(

Dearest Anubha …. your eyes in this life won’t read this but I know this will reach you and you will read it. When your mother Nishi posted in our group on Sunday that you were admitted in the hospital, Krishnan and my heart sank. We knew what you were going through and hospitalization was … Read more The curveball you couldnt dodge 🙁

R.I.P CONgress

Please see the tweet below …. Lynching of anyone is unacceptable but why would CONgress choose to call Yogi Adityanath by his birth name ? It shows a deep disrespect to Hinduism and utter disregard for the Indian ethos. Can CONgress family’s Mummy Ji tell us who Mr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio is ? I would … Read more R.I.P CONgress

“Shashi” has a new dimple

Something about him conveyed class and goodness, and he was the kind of man that a girl could introduce her dad to and he wouldn’t object to your seeing him. His handsome face had “decency” written all over it… He was and remains my favourite Kapoor. I never liked Raj Kapoor much for some reason, … Read more “Shashi” has a new dimple

And the count goes to 75+

Yesterday 26 people were shot dead as they prayed at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Just 33 days back 50+ people were killed in the Las Vegas shooting. Its unbelievable that nothing seems to pressurize the US policy makers to bring Gun Control. I just read an article that says if a local resident … Read more And the count goes to 75+

Sing-In-Peace Dr. BalaMurali Krishna…

This loss is personal in a very unique way… The carnatic music legend Dr. Balamurali Krishna passed away today. It is because of this maverick that I got my unique name. Most people know me as Bindu, but my full name is Bindumalini…. the name of a raaga that Dr. Balamurali Krishna created in the … Read more Sing-In-Peace Dr. BalaMurali Krishna…

Shakti.              Man.Shakti.                Man

It was heart rending to see “Shaktiman” the horse’s leg being amputated. Whatever be the provocation, anyone taking a stick to an animal is not human. I don’t know if some other horse jostled Shaktiman from the back and he fell or Mr. Joshi hit him and he fell. Mr. Joshi had a stick in … Read more Shakti.              Man.Shakti.                Man