Happy Birthday Raja Sir

Raja - 80th birthday

Today is Ilayaraja’s (Raja Sir) 80th birthday and while we listen to him everyday, just wanted to share a special memory with the readers today.

Memorable – Twenty years later ..

He is Hareesh’s favourite violinist and Krishnan and I had attended his concert live with Hareesh some 20 years back … In the intervening 20 years, Hareesh is married and his son will be in college soon.. We both don’t live in Chennai any longer and while parts of the city remain the same, it’s … Read more

The Veena’s new synonym

My all time favourite Veena player is (late) Dr. Chitti Babu. I probably still have the cassette which had his album named “Temple Bells” and then another one where I forget the name but it had the “cuckoo” composition. I was fascinated by the “cuckoo” composition and loved to hear Dr. Chitti Babu’s rendition of … Read more

What a treat … Thanks Sanjay Subramanyam !

Yesterday in the morning, we were listening to Dr. BalaMuralikrishna singing the Pancharatna Kritis on Apple Music and were commenting that his voice equals 10 people singing together !! It was a good prep for the 4 pm treat that was in store for us.  While marking the various concerts that we wanted to attend, … Read more