Lost Friendships

Just yesterday I saw the legendary singer S P Balasubrahmanyam participating in a music program on Vijay TV – it was the Super Singer junior program and he had come as the celebrity judge. There is something magical in his voice and all my favourite songs in Tamil have been sung by him. Almost all … Read more Lost Friendships

Uneducated Boors

Last night as we started to sleep we heard sounds of someone hammering away. We thought it might be somebody in the penthouse which is the very next floor above us. They sometimes shift furniture and we thought it might be that. Strangely enough Amma could not sleep at all as the sounds didn’t stop. … Read more Uneducated Boors

Memorable – Twenty years later ..

He is Hareesh’s favourite violinist and Krishnan and I had attended his concert live with Hareesh some 20 years back … In the intervening 20 years, Hareesh is married and his son will be in college soon.. We both don’t live in Chennai any longer and while parts of the city remain the same, it’s … Read more Memorable – Twenty years later ..

The Veena’s new synonym

My all time favourite Veena player is (late) Dr. Chitti Babu. I probably still have the cassette which had his album named “Temple Bells” and then another one where I forget the name but it had the “cuckoo” composition. I was fascinated by the “cuckoo” composition and loved to hear Dr. Chitti Babu’s rendition of … Read more The Veena’s new synonym

The lineage shows …

Her maternal grandfather is Palghat Mani Iyer and her paternal grandmother is D K Pattamal … Her genes ensured she had a great voice and the environment at home ensured she trained hard and diligently. The result is Nithyasree Mahadevan, with a voice that can sing in any octave and can move hearts. Nithyasree is … Read more The lineage shows …

What a treat … Thanks Sanjay Subramanyam !

Yesterday in the morning, we were listening to Dr. BalaMuralikrishna singing the Pancharatna Kritis on Apple Music and were commenting that his voice equals 10 people singing together !! It was a good prep for the 4 pm treat that was in store for us.  While marking the various concerts that we wanted to attend, … Read more What a treat … Thanks Sanjay Subramanyam !

Laugh riot, mesmerising Morsing and humbling genius !

For the past three evenings we have been attending some or the other play or concert as part of the ongoing Chennai December music season.  Sunday was a laughter riot as “Crazy” Mohan and his brother entertained a packed house RamaKrishna Mission school’s Infosys hall. Their play “Google Gadothgajan” is fun, fast paced and there … Read more Laugh riot, mesmerising Morsing and humbling genius !

A brother’s tribute 

Yesterday, we finally managed to attend a “kutcheri” (music concert) during the Chennai December season. For the past several years, Chennai has developed the concept of having concerts during the month of Margazhi which usually falls around mid December. Many budding artists debut during this time and ofcourse the established maestros give concerts too. One … Read more A brother’s tribute