Rains in our Destiny !

On June 22nd we had planned on being in Guwahati. From there it was a trip down memory lane to Shillong, to have a mini reunion with three other friends of mine from KV Happy Valley. These are 40 year old friendships. Now suddenly our children are married and recently we all graduated to Nana & Nani status. Heavy rains and a storm prediction messed up our travel plans but rains are in our destiny !

Amma was uncomfortable to travel as she doesn’t like the rains, so we cancelled our trip at the last minute. On 25th Enakshi called from the restaurant where they had gotten together for lunch and I showed Krishna and her the view from our balcony –

Rains in destiny

The entire week that we were planning to spend in Shillong, it probably didn’t rain there as much as it rained here in Delhi NCR. Every single day it poured :):).

Rains Destiny KVHV
Our friends outside KVHV …. clear skies 🙂

Rains are indeed in our destiny !

Just see and hear the pouring rains as we got in after a morning walk one of the days –

But rains have always been fun for Krishnan and I. They also bring good fortune and good news to us every single time. Every time we have moved houses or started on a trip or even when we got married, it rained.

The rains this year have made the summer bearable. It was pleasant weather in May, remember my earlier post – A Crisp Winter Morning ? Then rains in the last week of June just made the summer much nicer.

Just hoping that farmers didn’t lose out on their crops due to the unseasonal rains.

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