My first ever Handpainted Saree

Many years before I figured out Kalamkari sarees, my dearest friend Geetu had handpainted a saree for me. I wore it today and realised that it was my first ever handpainted saree ! There is a little bit of a backstory to this …

The plain saree fetish

When I was a student at NIIT Basheerbagh, one of my classmates would wear plain sarees with printed blouses. Everyday it would be a different colour and chiffons mostly. I just loved that combination. Then late Sridevi made the copper sulphate blue chiffon a rage with her Mr. India rain song. I started buying plain sarees in chiffon and crepe. This particular one was bought in Kumaran Stores nearly 12 years back.

I have worn this multiple times as a plain saree with a printed blouse and sometimes with its own matching plain blouse too.

The KVHV Reunion 2010 – the handpainted saree

All the girls in the gang with the exception of Seema and Adeeti, managed to have a get together in April 2010 when Anu was in town. The only representation from the men was Krish Bisht. I wore this saree for the reunion. Geetu had brought the saree with her when she came over. She had of course painstakingly handprinted it.

The saree has been painted on the pallu and then in the bottom border. Its almost 12 years old now … so I wear it sparingly, but I wear it atleast once a year.

Handpainted Saree

What can I say ! Its a very special saree because the person who handpainted is very very special. Thanks Geetu ❤️. Cherish this saree.

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