Everything is in your hands :)

Jack Welch Quote

Read a excellent story and reaffirm to yourself – “My destiny is in my hands”

Feeling the love Chidu … ???

Krishnan loves this quote of Oscar Wilde – And I was remembering this as I saw messages about Chidambaram going to Tihar Jail …. With all due respect to Oscar Wilde, I would like to re-state his famous quote as “Some people cause misery wherever they go, and happiness WHENEVER they go” (and silently in … Read more

Tryst with Destiny – Rerun

On Nov 8th, 2016 our Prime Minister made an important announcement about  500 and 1000 rupee notes. These two denominations were being counterfeited the most and the best performing industry in Pakistan was the ISI, who apparently was making Rs. 500 Crore profit by printing these denominations and flooding the Indian market with it. It … Read more

दाने दाने पे लिखा है खाने वाले का नाम ! Every grain has the name of the person who will eat it

I guess destiny is just what happened to my blogpost on Jan 1st 🙂 I had completed the blogpost last night and tried posting it but the network played truant and I couldn’t. Finally today I managed to post it just now and it doesn’t allow me to change the date to the 1st. So … Read more