Jowar Pizza Anyone ?

A few days back, I had made Jowar bhakris (rotis for the uninitiated 🙄). Since I was trying to use up all the leftover native red jowar, we had a lot of bhakris left. The next day, I made pizzas out of them and they really tasted great.

Jowar Pizza

I didn’t have pizza sauce so I used Coriander chutney as the first layer, then added a layer of vegetables. Final layer of shredded cheese. Put each Jowar Bhakri-turned-Pizza into the Air Oven for 5 minutes. Enjoyed yummy pizzas that were as healthy as they come !

The biggest positive fall out of the pandemic has been re-discovering home cooked food. Its almost impossible to enjoy regular restaurant food anymore. I am sure, we will still enjoy a roadside dabba or some of the iconic local restaurants but the Haldirams, Bikanerwalas and Dominos’ food is not as appetising.

We had ordered Domino’s Pizza last month, but we just ate a couple of slices and kept it for another round the next day. It was too much cheese and not enough freshness. Similarly in September we had ordered Chole Bhature, Jalebis and Samosas from Bikanerwala just to eat something from a restaurant. We just couldn’t enjoy the Chole Bhature :(. The home made Chole is so full of flavour and so fresh !

Do try making pizza with left over parathas or bhakris – they turn out real good.

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