Are you a “practising” Hindu ?

Arjuna, Krishna, Giampaolo Tomassetti

Are you a “practising” Hindu ? Well, Am not. If I have to “Practise” something, its not Hinduism


India – the last frontier for the fanatics ….

In the days after the CAA was passed by the parliament, there are three pictures that sent a chill down my spine and they tell a disturbing story of our country at this present juncture. I am no political commentator nor an activist – I am just a regular citizen of India with a deepening … Read more India – the last frontier for the fanatics ….

CAA – the case of “Begaani Shaadi mein Abdullah Deewana”

A terrifying account of the unruly mob behaviour in West Bengal. There is a youtube video that has captured this account, so its not fake news.     Trains are burnt, buses are burnt and toll plazas are burnt in West Bengal …. Jamia students pelt stones and there are slogans raised about “freedom from … Read more CAA – the case of “Begaani Shaadi mein Abdullah Deewana”

Book Review #3/50 – Mossad

I have always been fascinated with spy stories – both fiction and real life ones. So when I saw this book titled “Mossad”, allegedly the greatest “spy” agency in the world, I immediately booked it. We recently got the Kindle Unlimited option with an Indian account on Amazon and its like we are in book … Read more Book Review #3/50 – Mossad

The Privileged Perspective

I read a FB post by the well known handloom aficionado Laila Tyabji and it did piss me off. I have always looked forward to her sari posts because she has an enviable collection and most times I find her views on other topics very balanced and wonderfully worded. Today’s post was wonderfully worded but … Read more The Privileged Perspective

The waxing and waning of media indignation

Over the last week or so, every private media channel has been shouting hoarse about the Padmavati controversy. For those who have missed out on all the fun, here’s a synopsis – the famed director Sanjay Leela Bhansali has made a movie called “Padmavati” based on Rani Padmini (aka Padmavati) and Alauddin Khilji. The entire … Read more The waxing and waning of media indignation

For the pseudo – secular, religious, political …. 

Of all the living Mystics, gurus, Godmen and Godwomen, the only person I find interesting is Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. He has the same quality that Osho does, he makes you feel liberated… Without a do’s and don’ts list. The way he lives is also interesting and fun, and unlike the sad, serious and silly lives … Read more For the pseudo – secular, religious, political …. 

Keep Converting

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa who lived a short luminous life of fifty years was born a Hindu Brahmin. Once he was enlightened, he lived a year as a Muslim and had visions of Prophet Mohammed and then lived a year or so as a Christian. His Maa Kali helped him realise that all religions lead to the … Read more Keep Converting