Osho on Awe and Wonder

This excerpt is from the second discourse of the series of discourses on the Bauls. Osho speaks about the difference between Awe and Wonder … and no wonder one is awe struck 😊. The master of masters is simply beyond words. To listen and read the entire transcript click here – The Beloved Discourse #2 … Read more

Osho on God & Devil

Today I was listening to discourse No. 6 from the series titled Discipline of Transcendence. These discourses are on the 42 Sutras of Buddha. Link to the transcript – http://oshosearch.net/Convert/Articles_Osho/The_Discipline_of_Transcendence_Volume_1/Osho-The-Discipline-of-Transcendence-Volume-1-00000006.html “… The devil is like darkness. It is and yet it is not. Darkness is the absence of light, the devil is the absence of … Read more