Balasore Train Tragedy

Train Tragedy Odisha

In an unfortunate train accident at Balasore, last night three trains derailed. It left 240+ people dead & several hundreds injured. A sad day 🙁

Day 29, Part 1 – Fővám tér & Szent Gellért tér stations

Sept 29, 2019 – Budapest, Hungary While reading about places of interest in Budapest, I stumbled upon an article that spoke of the award winning design of two metro stations on the M4 line. We decided to go visit these two stations today and also to walk the Andrassy Avenue. After breakfast we first took … Read more

CAA – the case of “Begaani Shaadi mein Abdullah Deewana”

A terrifying account of the unruly mob behaviour in West Bengal. There is a youtube video that has captured this account, so its not fake news.     Trains are burnt, buses are burnt and toll plazas are burnt in West Bengal …. Jamia students pelt stones and there are slogans raised about “freedom from … Read more

Two Train Journeys and The Changing Indian Railways

For many people, the best thing that came from the colonial rule was the Indian Railways. Unfortunately I don’t think the colonial rule did anything good because it fundamentally made us believe that our culture and traditions were inferior. The railways would have anyway come to India at some point in time, it didn’t need … Read more

Germany Day 8 – Day spent on Trains !

Saturday Sept 8, 2018 – Prague to Frankfurt Posted from onboard the EC117 using the phone’s hotspot as there was no wifi on the train.    While the German rail network (DB) is awesome, strangely, there are no direct connections from Prague to Frankfurt. All the trains I got had a connection from Dresden, so … Read more