CAA – the case of “Begaani Shaadi mein Abdullah Deewana”

A terrifying account of the unruly mob behaviour in West Bengal. There is a youtube video that has captured this account, so its not fake news.



Trains are burnt, buses are burnt and toll plazas are burnt in West Bengal …. Jamia students pelt stones and there are slogans raised about “freedom from Hindus”… Bollywood dhimmies side with rioters as always without having a clue about what they are supporting and of course the so-called “Liberals” are predicting the end of Modi yet again.

The great Jehadidi CM says she will not implement CAA in West Bengal, forgetting that the Constitution allows  only the Central government the right to decide on citizenship, not the states ! Then the Yugpurush CM of Delhi gets caught with his pants around his ankles as a couple of his MLAs are filmed fuelling the riots. The paid media is salivating at having found something to increase their TRPs whether its right or left or centre or pointing upwards or downwards, the shrill commentary is unbelievably illogical. In all this, the hypocrisy of the liberals, leftists and the Muslims is palpable.

Here are some excerpts from the noted lawyer Harish Salve’s interview on CAA –

*What is CAB and what clarifications  for the questions raised against CAB ?*

THE CITIZENSHIP (AMENDMENT) BILL, 2019 is a BILL further to amend the Citizenship Act, 1955. It is not a full fledged bill but  a narrow-tailored law specifically meant for religiously persecuted minorities in the 3 specified countries namely Pakistan, Bangaladesh and Afghanisthan.

It says that “Any person belonging to Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi or Christian community from Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Pakistan and who has entered into India on or before the 31st day of December, 2014 and staying here to safeguard their lives, shall not be treated as illegal migrant.”

*1. Citizenship Amendment Bill is against Indian Muslims, they need to get their papers ready to continue living in the country.*

One of the WORST LIES being spread is that Indian Muslims need to worry about the bill. The Citizenship Amendment Bill HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PRESENT INDIAN CITIZENS Muslim or otherwise, as it seeks to grant citizenship to Religious Minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. People belonging to Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Sikhs, Parsi or Christian communities from these three countries who have come to India before 31/12/2014 for Religious persecution and already living in India will be able to apply for citizenship after the amendment is passed. No Indian citizen will be asked to produce any document to prove citizenship after the CAB is passed, it is just FALSE propaganda being spread by some people.

….. why then are the Muslims protesting ????? Doesn’t it look rather planned, that the bill is passed by both the houses of parliament as an Act and immediately the CONgress and other opposition parties incite violence across the few states where they have a majority ? In Assam, they twist the facts and fan the violence. The reason I titled my blog as “Begaani Shaadi mein Abdullah Deewana” is precisely because of this. THE CAA HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY CITIZEN OF INDIA. Neither is it discriminatory !!! So what have we got to protest for?

*4.Illegal Muslim immigrants living in India will be deported after CAB is passed*

 CAB gives citizenship to people of six communities from three countries living in India,   but it does not deal with the DEPORTATION of illegal immigrants. Although it protects Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, Parsis or Christians who had entered India illegally from deportation by giving an opportunity to apply for citizenship, it does not say anything on  DEPORTATION, which is the subject matter of another law, the Foreigners Act, and not the Citizenship Act which the current  bill seeks to amend.

The process of DEPORTING anyone entering and living illegally in India is an ONGOING process, UNDER FOREIGNERS’ ACT and the CAB does not change that.

With the above information, its again very clear that the CAA has nothing to do with the Muslims who are citizens of India. So why the riots? Why are the liberals and the opposition parties making this an issue? In my humble opinion – they are running scared that their fake secularism and multiple ways of making money is under threat and they are all HYPOCRITES. The opposition parties want to be seen as siding with the major minority, the Muslim community and are hoping that they will get some votes from them. The educated Muslims don’t want to do anything to fix their community’s problems and the Mullahs have lost the one issue that they used earlier to rally the uneducated poor mobs who take their word to be the law – RamJanmabhoomi. So they are using the CAA to whip up the insecurities. On an aside, I thought India was unsafe for Muslims if I were to go by the media reports and the glitterati from the community …. then why the riots to become citizens of this country ??? Hypocrisy, anyone?

My sincere appeal to Muslims of India – get your act together, the educated amongst you, have a responsibility to free up your community from the grasp of the Mullah. Get your children educated, not in a Madrasa but in a regular school/college and teach them to love this motherland of theirs. India belongs to you as much as it belongs to any Hindu but repay your mother with loyalty and love, not hatred.

p.s – I read somewhere that Mr. Harsh Mandar of ex-NAC fame, is planning to or has converted to Islam because CAB has become CAA. Congratulations to him but I want him to know that he still remains a Hindu ….. just as the millions of Muslims who live in India and Pakistan and Bangladesh. When you kick your lineage, you insult your forefathers. Go ahead and do it, its certainly a ticket to hell with neither an apsara in attendance nor a hoor nearby and certainly not an angel playing on the harp.


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