CAA – the case of “Begaani Shaadi mein Abdullah Deewana”

A terrifying account of the unruly mob behaviour in West Bengal. There is a youtube video that has captured this account, so its not fake news.     Trains are burnt, buses are burnt and toll plazas are burnt in West Bengal …. Jamia students pelt stones and there are slogans raised about “freedom from … Read more

Saffron Shower, Search for a Safe Resort and an insecure ex-Weepy!

Today while taking bath, the water in the shower was strangely saffron. I wonder why? Is it because our Independence Day is just around the corner or is it because its the first colour on our glorious flag or is it because our good old corrupt mastermind Chidu’s son is in the grip of saffron … Read more

Security – against what ?

Oh the eternal quest for security in an essentially insecure life !!! It was fascinating to watch the security arrangements for President Obama and the First Lady’s visit to India. It’s also sad that to safeguard one man’s life you need seven layers of security, a no-fly zone, 40 sniffer dogs, and an indestructible car. … Read more