Lost in Translation !

Lost in translation

When we translate from one language to another, the real meaning is lost in the translation as it has happened at the Chennai airport. 🙁

The Tale of Two Statues – Unity Vs Corruption

On Oct 31st this year, PM Modi inaugurated the world’s tallest statue of the man who united India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. It was a moment of pride and while many people were wondering if that statue was necessary, for me and many others like me, it was much needed to set the record straight – … Read more

A journey left midway …

Today morning KTV was showing the movie “Johnny”. Its a Tamil movie made in 1980 starring Rajinikanth in a double act and Sridevi, as the actress. The storyline is interesting and simple – Sridevi is a popular singer, and Johnny (Rajinikanth) is her ardent fan. Rajinikanth as Johnny is a small time thief and is crazy about … Read more

“Maadhu vanduriken” – Will the roles be reversed in heaven ?

I am so glad that I was born in a Tamilian family and speak the language …. Otherwise I could have never known the genius of K Balachander or the music of Illayaraja or the acting of Nagesh or the poetry of Kannadasan or Vaali. I am even more glad that Krishnan is a Tamilian … Read more