Inspiration took Oath as the 15th President of India

Smt Droupadi Murmu took oath as the 15th President of India yesterday. As she said in her presidential address “My election is proof of the fact that in India, the poor can dream and also fulfil those dreams”. A lady from the Santali tribe reaching the highest office in Independent India is pure inspiration for millions !!!

I was in tears watching Smt Droupadi Murmu take oath because she represents hope and reminds us of the ancient India where women were administrators, warriors or anything they wished to be…. a genuinely equal society. Unfortunately in the last thousand years we have forgotten all that was good in our society. Initially it was an attempt to save ourselves from the barbaric invaders and later on it was aping the West.

Smt Droupadi Murmu is our inspiration to get back to the good values that we had as a nation. For Modi Ji’s fans like us, this is another example of MODIfied India and a good one. Everyone knows the reasons why our beloved ex-President, Dr. Kalam did not get a second term that he SO DESERVED.

Now we again have a President who inspires us just by her presence and her life journey.

Inspiration President Murmu
Inspiration meeting Inspiration !!!
Inspiration President Murmu
Jai Johar !! President Droupadi Murmu

Jai Johar – Learning on day one

After taking oath President Murmu greeted the audience with “Jai Johar”. Johar means “victory to all living and nonliving components of nature.” This is why she is an inspiration. India’s DNA is about living in “accordance” to Nature and not overpowering Nature. We have moved far away from that DNA in our quest for development and its a timely reminder for all of us.

Johar - Inspiration President Murmu

I am certainly meeting President Murmu, just to get inspired.

Looking forward to your term as President with hope and excitement, Madam President. Praying for your good health and best wishes for a great innings. Jai Hind. 🙏🏿🇮🇳

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