Find a Cause, Rent an Activist :(:(

All over the world, activists pick on topical important issues and find ways to rally more people around their view. Many revolutions have been started by these activists and some of them have had outstanding results – change of regime in Egypt for instance. The revolution started on FB if I am not wrong and … Read more Find a Cause, Rent an Activist :(:(


Environmental Hypocrites Abound..

We have a school right behind our condominium complex and almost the entire month of December we couldn’t take a nap in the afternoon or even do a phone call easily from 8 am onwards till about 3 pm. The school had its annual day or sports day and the practise sessions were happening outside … Read more Environmental Hypocrites Abound..

Be Merry and Responsible this Christmas !

A couple of days back we had gone for a meeting to an office. As soon as we entered we found this plastic Christmas tree with decorations hanging off it and a small slogan board on top of it – also in plastic saying “say no to plastic”. There was one below that, also in … Read more Be Merry and Responsible this Christmas !

Celebrating Sacrifice …

Eid al-Adha Mubarak ! Krishnan and I visited Mongolia in 2015 and came away with a deep appreciation for their culture and history. Neither is Genghis Khan simply a “barbarian” as history would like us to believe nor did China ever rule over Mongolia. This beautiful landlocked country has some of the most benevolent practices … Read more Celebrating Sacrifice …