Forgotten Heroes – Subramania Bharathi

On Tuesday (Jan 21), we had been to Sampath Chitappa’s place, then my cousin Geeta’s place and finally met with Krishna and Murari who are more friends than cousins. They all live in Triplicane, around the Parthasarathyswamy Temple. We had to get some spices from the “Naatu Marundu” (desi spice store) kadai. We left Amma … Read more Forgotten Heroes – Subramania Bharathi

My country on my planet

I am an Arien … Born in April and my ruling planet is Mars. According to (late) Linda Goodman who popularised Sun signs we Ariens are intrepid being the first sun sign and we are pioneers, risk takers, fun loving, and generally really nice people … With a short fuse and an even shorter memory … Read more My country on my planet

The First day – Meeting inspiration

I agreed on the drama, but not death when I was born !! There was thunder, lightning, and rains the day I was born in Tirunelveli. There were eight children born in that nursing home that day and I was the only girl and my mother wanted a son so badly. Since I had agreed with God … Read more The First day – Meeting inspiration