Then & Now

Today morning as I opened FB, it threw up an old memory from 2011. Krishnan and I had gone for a short cycle ride towards the CRPF camp but turned left and went towards the IREO apartments that were being built. The space between the point where we took a turn and the IREO construction … Read more

The Ant and the Elephant 

First there were the resident elephants, the matriarch and her beloved son who led the way and all other elephants followed. The old ant had seen the matriarch as a little girl and couldn’t believe that she could run amok destroying the forest ! When that happened, he gathered all the ants and started thinking … Read more

Banyan Tree Or Oak Tree Leadership ?

I was discussing a particularly well known leader with a colleague at work and it suddenly dawned on me that this leader had not allowed a single person to grow under him. We discussed our respective favorite leaders and all of them had several stories of helping their team members grow. Interesting. So I thought … Read more