Tryst with Destiny – Rerun

On Nov 8th, 2016 our Prime Minister made an important announcement about  500 and 1000 rupee notes. These two denominations were being counterfeited the most and the best performing industry in Pakistan was the ISI, who apparently was making Rs. 500 Crore profit by printing these denominations and flooding the Indian market with it. It was used to fund all their terrorist activities on our soil. How nice  and how convenient. At the stroke of midnight on the 8th of Nov, these notes were de-monetized and were no longer legal tender. Nearly Rs. 12,00,000 Crores of fake currency suddenly became paper !! All the political parties with stashes of “black” money suddenly didn’t know what to do and that included the Prime Minister’s party too.

The corrupt and the illegal hoarders were dealt a death blow, all in one single swoop. Surgical strike indeed. Anyone who had doubts about whether this PM had the guts to carry out the surgical strikes against Pakistan and were trying their best to prove the strikes never happened, now got the taste of a surgical strike. It took the spineless CM of Delhi, two days to find his bitter tongue. He merely used one non-paralysed finger to re-tweet his buddy Mamata Di’s message that this DRACONIAN DECISION must be withdrawn. What was Draconian about the decision? The fact that it didn’t give enough time for Didi and her party minions to squirrel away their ill gotten black fortunes.

For many of us common citizens, it was the first major blow that our PM had dealt to the “illegally” rich, the political money bags, the black money economy and to terrorist funding in one go. Every sane person understood the enormity of it immediately and also understood that there will be some challenges for a week or so and had no issues with it. Inspite of the paid media trying their damnedest best to get one common citizen to criticise the move, nobody did. The salaried class rejoiced as did honest tax paying industry bigwigs. Everyone was cool with it except some alcoholics in Chennai who probably couldn’t get their alcohol fix !

For some reason I was remembering our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s much appreciated speech on the eve of our Independence and I read that speech for the first time today in full. I have probably read it in school but didn’t remember it. I am reproducing it here, changing a single word with a few words, which am sure Chacha Nehru would allow me to do and the speech fits precisely with the mood in the country today. It is, as if, we have got our Independence all over again, from a different coloniser – corruption. I many ways, corruption is also a going away gift from the Brits along with the partition of our Nation. Ah well, let bygones be bygones.

Here’s the rerun of the “tryst with destiny” – Thank You Panditji, you gave the speech 69 years too early…. I have highlighted the portions that I felt need to be emphasized for our context today. Infact the entire speech fits the situation as it is.

“Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now that time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially. At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the corrupt and fake money printers sleep, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance.

It is fitting that at this solemn moment we take the pledge of dedication to the service of India and her people and to the still larger cause of humanity with some pride.

At the dawn of history India started on her unending quest, and trackless centuries which are filled with her striving and the grandeur of her successes and her failures. Through good and ill fortunes alike she has never lost sight of that quest or forgotten the ideals which gave her strength. We end today a period of ill fortunes and India discovers herself again.

The achievement we celebrate today is but a step, an opening of opportunity, to the greater triumphs and achievements that await us. Are we brave enough and wise enough to grasp this opportunity and accept the challenge of the future?

Freedom and power bring responsibility. That responsibility rests upon this assembly, a sovereign body representing the sovereign people of India. Before the birth of freedom we have endured all the pains of labour and our hearts are heavy with the memory of this sorrow. Some of those pains continue even now. Nevertheless, the past is over and it is the future that beckons to us now.

That future is not one of ease or resting but of incessant striving so that we might fulfill the pledges we have so often taken and the one we shall take today. The service of India means the service of the millions who suffer. It means the ending of poverty and ignorance and disease and inequality of opportunity.

The ambition of the greatest man of our generation has been to wipe every tear from every eye. That may be beyond us, but so long as there are tears and suffering, so long our work will not be over.

And so we have to labour and to work, and work hard, to give reality to our dreams. Those dreams are for India, but they are also for the world, for all the nations and people are too closely knit together today for anyone of them to imagine that it can live apart.

Peace has been said to be indivisible; so is freedom, so is prosperity now, and so also is disaster in this One World that can no longer be split into isolated fragments.

To the people of India, whose representatives we are, we make an appeal to join us with faith and confidence in this great adventure. This is no time for petty and destructive criticism, no time for ill will or blaming others. We have to build the noble mansion of free India where all her children may dwell.

The appointed day has come – the day appointed by destiny – and India stands forth again, after long slumber and struggle, awake, vital, free and independent. The past clings on to us still in some measure and we have to do much before we redeem the pledges we have so often taken. Yet the turning point is past, and history begins anew for us, the history which we shall live and act and others will write about.

A new star rises, the star of freedom in the east, a new hope comes into being, a vision long cherished materializes. May the star never set and that hope never be betrayed by!

On this day our first thoughts go to the architect of this freedom, the father of our nation, who, embodying the old spirit of India, held aloft the torch of freedom and lighted up the darkness that surrounded us.We have often been unworthy followers of his and have strayed from his message. We shall never allow that torch of freedom to be blown out, however high the wind or stormy the tempest.

We have hard work ahead. There is no resting for any one of us till we redeem our pledge in full, till we make all the people of India what destiny intended them to be.

We are citizens of a great country, on the verge of bold advance, and we have to live up to that high standard. All of us, to whatever religion we may belong, are equally the children of India with equal rights, privileges and obligations.

And to India, our much-loved motherland, the ancient, the eternal and the ever-new, we pay our reverent homage and we bind ourselves afresh to her service. Jai Hind.Jai Hind”.[2]

Jai Hind.

6 thoughts on “Tryst with Destiny – Rerun”

  1. Bindu-ji, Caution is the watchword. The demonetisation idea is good, but we need to watch and see how strictly it is enforced. It is too early to rejoice; there will be challenges and we should not be complacent. BTW, Nehruji was high on talk but less effective on the ground. I hope Modi does not turn out that way….May God protect us!

    • OFcourse. Agree that we need to be cautious. But its just a great feeling to see the corrupt squirm for a change!!. Pandit Nehru didn’t know that his speech on the eve of our independence would be applicable nearly 69 years later … the saddest part is, it means not a lot changed in the country :(.


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