Feeling the love Chidu … ???

Krishnan loves this quote of Oscar Wilde –

Taken from the internet

And I was remembering this as I saw messages about Chidambaram going to Tihar Jail …. With all due respect to Oscar Wilde, I would like to re-state his famous quote as “Some people cause misery wherever they go, and happiness WHENEVER they go” (and silently in my mind I will add “to jail”). Chidu caused enough misery to several people just to further his political cause and the filling of his coffers and now that he has gone to jail, so many of us “powerless” Mango people are rejoicing.

I have saved several tweets the day it happened and then almost every day I looked at them and it brought a smile to my face every time. I don’t know if I am earning bad karma by rejoicing about a famous person going to jail, but I doubt that because this famous person is hugely corrupt and has been named “Kingpin” by the court !!!

How hurt Nehru Dynasty TV would have been to report this …. their “shadow” boss being sent to jail 🙂
This is my favourite picture …. Chidu waving from inside a prisoner’s van, stripped of his power.
Is Chidu grinning or grimacing ? and is there a difference ?? 🙂

Oh, I love the internet and social media so much … I also love the cellphones and have loads of respect for the engineers who added cameras to cellphones so that such moments could be captured by anyone !

Several of my friends told me not to feel too happy when Chidu was arrested by CBI. My answer was that even if he stays in custody as an offender of some law for just two minutes, I am thrilled… but the events as they have unfolded have made my 50th birthday celebrations unique and truly satisfying.

How is Tihar, Chidu ?? Feeling the love ? :):):):)

Jai Hind.

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