Toasted Chutney Sandwich in a Cooker !

We have a microwave in the room here at Club Mahindra, which has a grill option as well. I tried watching YouTube videos to see how to make a grilled sandwich in the microwave but couldn’t figure it out, so I simply used the Pressure Cooker on the induction stove.

We didn’t get the mixer-grinder with us and I needed a chutney for the sandwich. I made a Capsicum chutney using the handheld blender and it was really good. Here’s the recipe –

Capsicum – 2 pieces, diced; Tomato – 1 Piece, diced; Onion -1 Piece, diced; Green Chillies – 4 pieces. I flashed (an OPOS technique) all these with salt, some homemade curry powder (my mother-in-law’s recipe), a teaspoon of powdered dhania, a teaspoon of jaggery. You can use a little oil and saute all of the above the old fashioned way :). Used the hand blender to puree all of it into a smooth chutney.

Capsicum Chutney

The Capsicum chutney was so good that we kept some of it for the afternoon as well. The reason I am sharing the recipe is because the ingredients in this chutney are easily available anywhere in the world and you don’t need a mixer to make it.

The next thing was getting the golden brown toast without a toaster or a tawa ! I used the bottom of the pressure cooker on an induction stove and smeared the base with ghee. Kept smearing the bottom every time I put in a new sandwich and kept it on a low wattage so that both sides got toasted nicely.

Enjoyed tasty toasted chutney sandwiches 🙂

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