Winter Specials

We missed the Delhi winters and the pollution last year as we were travelling in South India from Nov 2022. Krishnan and I both love winter in Delhi NCR …. but can’t deal with the high levels of pollution. For me the organic winter vegetables are the most important part of the season’s specials.

We got back home by Feb 15th. The “Sarson Ka Saag” season was gone, the mustard leaves were no longer available. I kept asking both Sanesa and Parveen for them. Both couldn’t get them. So we did the next best thing, enjoyed Palak and Bathua ka saag with Makki ki roti !

Winter Specials
Makki Ki Roti with Palak and Bathua Saag

The red juicy carrots are still available. I made carrot and beetroot halwa, OPOS style 🙂 with jaggery. When I gave some to Parveen (the organic farmer who delivers farm fresh veggies every weekend), he loved the taste and told me that he didn’t know beetroot halwa could be made.

Winter Specials
Carrot and Beetroot Halwa

I don’t use milk for this, just thicken it with cashew and almond powder. Tastes really nice.

One of our all time favourite is stuffed capsicum. In winters capsicum tastes so good that you can just eat it without adding anything even but stuffed capsicum is something else ! Making it in the Air Oven is a breeze. Product Review – Havells Air Oven Digi.

Winter Specials
Stuffed Capsicum

The stuffing can be steamed potatoes, onions and tomatoes or it can cottage cheese, onions and tomatoes with a little bit of masala added. Gets done in the Air Oven at 180 Deg C and roasted for about 8 minutes. I apply a little bit of oil on the outside of the capsicum.

Cannot miss the fresh salads which is again a winter thing !

Winter specials
A bowl of refreshing salad

This is also the season for Broccoli. An amazing soup with Broccoli is the Broccoli-Cashew soup. I made it yesterday for our dear friends Harjit and Gurleen. Surprisingly Harjit took to it after adding a little bit of seasoning :). Gurleen wanted it to be diluted a bit. I also add some fresh green peas to this soup as the season for green peas is also ending.

Can’t stop myself from plugging for eating locally sourced produce, in season vegetables and fruits and ofcourse Organic. We can’t do much about the pollution except moving away from the place, but we can certainly ensure that we eat better food.

#GoVegetarian #GoOrganic

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