Incredulous India – fete mediocrity and ignore talent 

Heena and Anjali are not mediocre, they are a rare kind of talent … They are ace shooters. What’s rare about that ? They don’t play cricket and men’s cricket in India is all that matters, all other sports don’t. So what if Anjali Bhagwat was the world No. 1 in the 10m air rifle in 2002 ? So what if Anjali’s International career statistics stand at 33 Gold, 23 Silver and 7 Bronze medals…. She also set 13 new records in international competitions ??

Heena ? Well Heena Sidhu is the first Indian to be ranked No. 1 by the ISSF. Right, so what ? Here’s what happened to them on Jet Airways Top Indian shooters barred from boarding the Jet Airways flight in Bangkok. Can you imagine this ever happening to any cricketer ? Sure they enjoy the demigod status because of the adoring masses, but what about the media ? 

Today we have every channel that took offence to the “presstitutes” comment raving and almost drooling over a twit being able to coherently speak for 22 minutes yesterday and some 15 minutes today. They conveniently forgot this man who is to the manor born, with the CONgress leadership force fed to him, hasn’t worked a day in his life, has been photographed napping in the Parliament, boasts of a 40% attendance …. And everyone is falling over each other to “reload”,”relaunch”, “” Rahul. The most appropriate suffix for “re” in this case should be “tired” – Rahul should be retired and allowed to introspect to his heart’s content and we, the suitably booted paying public who is tired of this re-hash can breathe a sigh of relief. Incredulous ? Yep. 

Oh we are so quick to dismiss the man who is genuinely trying to put India on the map and has succeeded in doing that … And that’s our bane. But the die of our national character was cast before Independence when a roaring lion of a man called Subhas Chandra Bose was silenced and spied on while a man to the manor born perpetuated his dynasty. The only difference then was, Pandit Nehru genuinely loved this country and suffered for her Independence so he was also a tall leader …. Amongst many tall leaders. The only small tweak that his dynasty did was to rewrite history as though he was the ONLY tall leader besides the Mahatma. Talent of a different kind. 

The other genuine “talent” who never got his due – Dr. Ambedkar … No he isn’t responsible for the minority and Dalit appeasement. He is the architect of our constitution and it has stood the test of time .. He also was the first one to speak of “equality of opportunity” not doles. 

Let’s get to work and build a talented India not the mediocre one that we accept with a “chalta hai”… Chalta nahin hain. Jai Hind. 

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