Hell’s address revealed

Today morning at about 8.15 or so, the world got to know Hell’s address and it was 1-4. Here’s the picture too –


No it’s not funny. I started to pray for the Pakistani players because if they had lost all their wickets under 40 or 50 runs, they faced certain death back home. Playing cricket in India and Pakistan can be fatal – we love our cricketers and lift them to the stratosphere when they perform…. We also bury them several feet below the Earth when they don’t perform. It’s not a sport, it’s life and death many times. Am glad Pakistan has reached a respectable score and will lose the match but atleast will stay alive to fight another day.

May God bless them with a long life and yes, defeat every time they play with India but let them win anywhere else :):):):).

3 thoughts on “Hell’s address revealed”

  1. I guess I am and never will be with you in your hopes for the criminals. I dont care how many generations go by. I dont care what you think of the pakis next door. As you had mentioned in another post that you will never forget the fingering by a man on a plane, I will never forget they took our land at gunpoint, made us pay for starting their country, killed a million, made millions homeless, lost property, rapes and orphans, widows, …. and still kill our jawaans at the border for more. Kashmir.

    I am disgusted at people like you and Amitabh and family. 5 Jawaans get killed at the border two days before Eid – India has a public holiday and Eid celebrations all over the TV and media, and Amitabh and family attend an Eid party given by Shah Rukh Khan. You make me sick to my stomach. You are like Obama. A murderer of victim voices, rights and souls. You dont care about laws that are broken and no justice served. You want God to bless them? I dont think so. I will send a note to God too to cancel all your requests.

    I am homeless. I am indian but not indian. I am hindu but not hindu. I belong nowhere and I get told go back home to your people or go back home to Pakistan. The best way to insult a hindu would be to call them paki. The rapists, murderers, thieves and those who committed high treason against God are being blessed by people like you. You are not my people. You are not home. I am lost. Where is home and how long have I been homeless someone asked? It is because of people like you and your politicians that some hindus left India. They did not wish to put up with islamic and chinese invasion and people like you. Hypocrites. Disgusting humans.

    • Dear Ma’am, I will pray to the same God to grant you serenity and peace. Life is about moving on. Let the hurts be, leave them behind. A better world has to be built and it has to be built within ourselves first. Don’t be disgusted with me, am not the enemy, your hatred is the real enemy. Please let go of that. If my blogs disturb you, please don’t read them. Take care.


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