What really happened to South Africa …

In India we say that you fall in love with the man but marry the family, because the family gets involved in everything :):). The same thing happens in Cricket …

So the match today was between India and South Africa in the World Cup. How did the SA team prepare ? They practised in the nets, mentally had counselling and motivation sessions and chose the most fit players to play today.

How did India prepare ? Guess the same way ? Yes, but there is another prep that happens only for the Indian cricket team. Nearly the entire nation and many non-resident Indians, also take positions in front of their televisions, iPads, cellphones, in groups, or alone… My mother starts praying, never watches the game. Only sees highlights after India has won. Then each person prays to their favorite God, some like me who don’t pray much, try lucky charms and so on.

Now, do you see why when any team plays against India in cricket, they don’t only play against the playing eleven … But against all of us and our prayers. As Indians get richer, other countries will need to build bigger stadiums and more hotels because we will come in huge numbers to watch in person – like we did for the India-Pakistan match. :):) We take full advantage of our numbers.

This is what happened to South Africa today and will happen to all teams that play against us. Our cricket team has to play really badly to lose and that might happen, but they will never lack for luck and prayers. All the non-playing Indians will take care of those.

Wish we supported all sports in the same way … But well, cricket is a our unifying religion. Well done again, team India. Jai Ho. Jai Hind.

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