The Battle inside..

Everyone of us is a soldier at the battle front :):). Nope, haven’t lost my marbles yet, it’s true. Each one of us wakes up with a battle – we HAVE to wake up at 5 am, we HAVE to exercise, we HAVE to eat breakfast with protein, we HAVE to get the children ready in time, we HAVE to buy that house, we HAVE to book that new car, we HAVE to wear that designer label, we HAVE to get the next role, we HAVE to reach on time to work, we HAVE to get ahead in traffic, we HAVE to have six packs ….. How different is it from the soldier’s life on the battlefront ? He HAS to do battle because the enemy is ready to invade and take over his life.

But do we HAVE to ?

Anais Nin said the following at a moment of deep insight –


This is the battle I speak of, the battle inside that we fight everyday between what really is and what we see it as. A project at work fails, and one person starts feeling he or she is the scapegoat. Now see the battle inside – the project leader calls up to get some past detail, and this person immediately scours all the old material and sends it and feels that the project leader is trying to pin the miss on him or her and that’s why he asked for this detail from the past. Then someone else asks this colleague to write to the client with a detailed analysis of why the project failed …. Again, the note is written and the feeling strengthens that he/she is being made the scapegoat and that’s why they have been asked to write the note :):). We don’t see things as they are, we see things as WE are !!

Think of the scene at home and in your personal life, we all play victim and indulge in self-pity and believe everyone is out to get us … Hello, you are again seeing things as you are not as they are ! Everyone is busy fighting their own battles inside, they have no time to “get” you. Sure there are genuine battle situations, crimes happen and there are victims and perpetrators or enemies who need to be vanquished, neutralised. This isn’t about those situations, but under normal circumstances don’t think of yourself as the victim or scapegoat or the injured party ! Waste of time.

We know how Edison saw his failed attempts to create the light bulb, he thought he had learnt one more way that doesn’t work and he can move up closer to getting it right. How do you view every failure or missed chance ? As the end or just another way of getting closer to your goal ? Again, we don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are. All that is happening in your life can be viewed differently IF you change the way you feel inside :).

Hey I play the victim card too sometimes, but everytime I say “they” are out to get me, I kick myself hard or cry for sometime and then re-look at the situation without my victim lens. Everytime I have realised that people are doing things to further their cause, and if I am adversely impacted, it’s accidental and “they” aren’t out to get me. Sometimes yes, I have found evidence that someone is indeed trying to get me – but again, I remain stuck to doing what I feel is right and if they do succeed in “getting” me, great. I just find a different thing to do :). So the lesson is for them – We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are !!

Here’s a closing quote from one of the great thinkers of our times, Wayne Dyer –


Can’t add anything to that !!

May you win the battle today and see things as THEY ARE.

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