Dadpe Pohe

I discovered Dadpe Pohe on our anniversary this year !

Geetu called me to wish us for our anniversary and we started talking about what each of us had cooked for breakfast. I told her Krishnan had made Pongal and I was still thinking about what to make for lunch. Geetu told me she had made Dadpe Pohe for breakfast and shared the recipe with me.

You guessed it right ! It became our lunch :).

Dadpe Pohe

The recipe is as follows –

Grate fresh coconut – 1/2th Cup; onion chopped – 1/2th Cup; Coriander leaves – 1 TBSP; Lemon juice – 1 TBSP; If you have the coconut water after breaking open the coconut use 1 TBSP of that or just use 1 TBSP water. Add salt, 1 TSP Turmeric powder, 1 TSP Jeera toasted and mix everything together. Add 1.5 Cups of Dry Poha (Medium, not the thin or thick Poha). Mix all again, use a lid that covers the Poha but can also press down on it. Keep some weight over it and leave it for 15 minutes.

Remove the weight and lid, fluff everything up and serve. As it is we use Poha extensively at home. I make the traditional Poha regularly and Amma uses Poha to make soft idlis. Many times we just soak Poha in milk and eat it as cereal. This is one more way that we can use it.

This tastes simply awesome. Very fresh and light. Its also a great salad for those who don’t relish salads.

Thanks to Geetu for the gift of this recipe ! Have made it twice in the past ten days :).

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