CONgress Working Committee – an Oxymoron

Ever since the CONgress Working Committee (CWC) meeting happened on Aug 24th, I have been meaning to write this blog :):). There was much chatter on Twitter regarding Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s offer to step down from the interim president’s post. There were several old cartoons (as memes were known then) of the inimitable Mr. R K Laxman that made the rounds. The best was one that said “…. whoever takes over must be renamed Nehru or Gandhi”.

Also the word “working” with CONgress makes the sentence an oxymoron. Definition of oxymoron is “a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction”. CONgress party doesn’t do any concrete work, they only find ways to scuttle work into committees, advisory councils and some other no-head-all-sycophant group.

Committee Culture

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi as the longest serving CONgress party president has raised the “committee” culture to an art form. The number of committees and councils that advise(d) her, help(ed) her, and took/take decisions for her is mind boggling. She could have wiped out poverty in this country by adding the really poor to one of her myriad committees.

There were cabinet committees, then Group of Ministers who became Empowered (@#$!*&) Group of Ministers, Standing and Select committees … and finally the all powerful “NAC” National Advisory Committee that de-facto was running India between 2004 to 2014.

Its a wonder that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi kept track of what she had parsed out to these committees. Maybe she had a committee to track just that !!

CONgress Working Committee Meeting on Aug 24, 2020

I would be surprised if there was even one Indian, new born, old young or even an illegal immigrant who expected a non-Gandhi to become the CONgress president. I am happy to bet money on this. Here are news article links that merely shared the inevitable. Am sure most news agencies had their copy written out months before… just a change of date, a few names, maybe some comments and the results were declared. Its sheer good Karma that these articles didn’t get released ahead of the meeting. 🙂

First Joke – Crucial CWC meeting is underway, Sonia Gandhi offers to resign as Congress Chief.

Second Joke – Ahead of CWC meeting, Kamal Nath and Digvijaya throw weight behind Sonia Gandhi in late-night tweets.

Third and the biggest Joke – Sonia Gandhi stays as interim President. Hahahaha.

LOL, Laughter is good for health and I deeply appreciate the efforts made by the “forever” president of the CONgress party Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and her “forever-coming-of-age” son Mr. Rahul Gandhi to keep us Indians in splits ! (pun intended).

Enjoy some of Mr. R K Laxman’s cartoons …. they are delightful.

Happy birthday Modi Ji. Please remember to thank the CONgress party for being your biggest supporter :):). Their love for you is bottomless and for ever.

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