A pinch of pride …

We grew up being told “pride goeth before a fall”. The translation was if anyone is very proud of his/her abilities they will make mistakes and suffer setbacks. Humility was thus valued and is valued still, rightfully so. But ModiJi’s ongoing visit to the US made me think a little about this age old proverb.

Just watch the crowds lining the streets of New York or the crowds outside the UN and some people that media spoke to – the big difference is a glint of pride in being Indian and that a leader like Modi is our PM. That little glint of pride and squaring of shoulders that you saw in the scientists of ISRO on Wednesday as Mangalyaan was successful, was again thanks to our PM. In one statement ModiJi made stars out of the scientists – saying their achievement was a 1000 times greater than winning a cricket tournament, you bet !

Today one of the many Indians who was interviewed said it beautifully, “all this while we felt ashamed to call ourselves as Indians because of the situation back home, but with Modi as the PM, we feel a sense of pride in calling ourselves Indian, because so many good changes are happening.”

That pinch of pride will stop you from littering our streets, that glint of pride in your child’s eyes will stop you from taking a bribe, that pat on the back from the world will make us unlock the ancients secrets of success … A little pride works as a catalyst and turns lead into gold. That little pride will make our cities safer, our army and police to turn their collars up and do their extraordinary service knowing the whole nation looks upto them with a sense of pride… Behaviour change 101, Modi style. Manage to infuse an iota of pride and things happen.

A leader who makes you feel proud to be part of the country, like our PM does … well, wait for what he has unleashed. The late Lord Macaulay must be turning in his grave, as we reset the damage he did to us and our country, and go beyond our lost glory.


Arise and awake – our time is now ! Thank you ModiJi.

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