How low will you stoop ?

This man’s father was in-charge of the one black spot in the illustrious history of the Indian army – the loss to China in 1962. This man went to the (in)famous Doon school, chose to become a journalist and has the thick skin that is a journalist’s armour. Yes, he has the same supercilious behaviour that a few of his other Doon schoolmates have.. Especially one Mr. Aiyar :(.

I am reminded of a “Aman Ki Asha” concert that we went to a couple of years back. There were two singers, the famous Pakistani Sufi singer, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and our very own, Kailash Kher. You could clearly see the discomfort in Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in sharing the stage with a Kailash Kher because, he comes from an illustrious musical “gharana” while Kailash Kher has come this far purely on his singing ability and didn’t have any illustrious “gharana” affiliation. Rajesh pointed that out to me because I didn’t understand why Rahat was so uncomfortable and what a great insight that was.

The reason I am reminded of this incident is because this is exactly what’s happening with this famous journalist from Doon school and many others like him and Mr. Modi. Here are these “well-bred” “well educated” citizens going about their business with their noses up in the air and there comes this “chai wallah” and just laps up all the attention. Forget the fact that he is deeply connected to the common man, forget the fact that he is writing a new chapter in the Marketing handbook of the century, forget the fact that he is “doing” what a Prime Minister is supposed to and definitely forget the fact that no non-American leader has got the kind of reception that he got and is getting in the US. Trivial facts, in comparison to the (in)glorious past of these “well-bred” good for nothing, social scumbags.

Education and culture are gene-agnostic. Just because you speak a language fluently is no guarantee that you have an iota of education nor does knowing how to use cutlery bestow you with social grace. Read this article by famous journalist. I feel ashamed that he is an Indian, just as I am ashamed of the other famous journalist who got slapped last afternoon for behaving like a supercilious idiot in New York.

America is a great country, it is human potential manifested. Yes, there are problems too, but every country has them. They put a man on moon, while we with our 5000 year old civilization can’t keep our backyards clean. Yes, they behave like they are the centre of the World, but what have we done to remain the centre of the World that we were ? India is a great country, we have brought many things to the world and hold the potential to bring much more. Every country is great. What gives this famous journalist the right to trash a country like the US? And the snide reference to our PM being bagel-shaped … Hey, you slim thin twig of a man, the size of your brain is certainly smaller than the size of your waist and there is no hope for expansion. Our bagel shaped PM has a vision that your pea-sized brain cannot comprehend.

Get a life, famous journalist. This man walked off your interview because it was below his dignity to speak to scum like you. You didn’t get it then, get it now, after you wipe that congealed burnt egg off your face :(:(. He became the PM inspite of what you threw at him and will remain PM and will move 1.25 billion people but not you and a few of your other friends.. You don’t matter. He does, India does. Jai Hind.

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  1. I dislike the un-named journo as much as anyone else who suffers the one-way Vasant Vihar flyover, but I find it disturbing how intolerant we are becoming as a supposed democracy to people who don’t share our viewpoints about Modi. What should we tell the hundreds who were outside Madison Square Garden with anti-Modi placards? “Go to Pakistan”. Journalists are supposed to be watch dogs and not pets of our political masters. Let’s not try and muzzle anyone.

  2. I do agree that the piece by the the “journalist who can’t be named” is horrible, totally out of place and very much in a bad taste. At the same time you should not condone the physical assault on the other journalist in NYC. Whatever may be the provocation there shall be space for all opinions and otherwise we will be back in the stone ages. Your condonation will call to question your impartiality on the subject. But are you?


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