Indian Armed Forces – Unparalleled, Unbeatable

Tiranga flies on the breath of the Indian armed forces

The Indian armed forces are unparalleled, unbeatable and simply the best in the world. China – Never trespass into our land. It will always be FATAL, DEADLY and HARMFUL to you. 

Howdy Modi ?…. All guns blazing !

Yesterday was the mega “Howdy Modi” event at Houston and Krishnan and I didn’t miss a minute of it. How could we ? Our rockstar PM was addressing the largest gathering of Indians outside of India ! When I met Americans through work for the first time in 2001, they didn’t know much about India. … Read more Howdy Modi ?…. All guns blazing !

Two movies – A sense of Pride and Shame

Krishnan and I like watching movies at home .. we haven’t been to watch a movie in a theatre after April 6th, 2016 when we watched Kung Fu Panda 3 at DLF Mega Mall. In early December 2018, I saw this tweet from the most strident HMV “The Wire” and was deeply disturbed with the … Read more Two movies – A sense of Pride and Shame

#WhyISupportModi #2 – Made in India

Krishnan and I visited Germany in September and spent almost 20 days travelling across the country. We were amazed at their engineering skills especially with the automobiles. Then our friends Keshav and Anu took us to a hypermart and I discovered the German made stainless steel vessels. It was difficult to peel me off the … Read more #WhyISupportModi #2 – Made in India

Smelly feet and inadequate skills

A couple of weeks back, we called in our regular plumber Manas, to fix the flow of water in Amma’s bathroom. Manas came over and diagnosed the problem. He said the “mixer” assembly had to be replaced since it was not working and it couldn’t be repaired. We told him to get it replaced and … Read more Smelly feet and inadequate skills

What one man can do !

My friend, Pushpa Upadhyay had added me to this page/group called W3- Women, Weave, World because she knows my penchant for saris. For some time I just checked out the various posts and admired the beautiful saris that many of the women wore. I started noticing that a certain Venkatesh Narasimhan was talking about weaves, … Read more What one man can do !

Book Review – Rearming Hinduism

This book’s title is misleading. It’s not about violently establishing Hinduism or taking up arms to defend it. Vamsee Juluri is a professor and brings data through his research rather than just his opinions to argue his case. This is a difficult book to read.. It’s almost like sitting in a lecture with Google on … Read more Book Review – Rearming Hinduism

A pinch of pride …

We grew up being told “pride goeth before a fall”. The translation was if anyone is very proud of his/her abilities they will make mistakes and suffer setbacks. Humility was thus valued and is valued still, rightfully so. But ModiJi’s ongoing visit to the US made me think a little about this age old proverb. … Read more A pinch of pride …